Attention Royal Family Watchers: The Duchess of Cambridge is taking her culinary talents outside of her royal kitchen!

The busy mom of 2, whom some people still refer to as Kate Middleton, may have lots of hired help at her fingertips, but she prefers take food matters into her own hands. Catherine and her sister, Pippa, have been hanging out at her home in Norfolk and concocting baby food and delicious smoothies from her organic garden.

Now, according to Vanity Fair, the sisters are thinking of starting their own organic baby food business. Sources say Pippa recently completed a food-nutrition course and The Duchess is already a baby food prep expert and an avid gardener:

“Kate prepares all of Prince George’s meals and she has been blending fruits and vegetables grown at Anmer for Princess Charlotte. She and Pippa are thinking about launching their own line of organic baby food as well as a range of nourishing ready meals for adults. At the moment it’s a bit of a pipe dream, but they are both really into organic produce. Pippa has just done a qualification in food nutrition, and she’s keen to put it to use. Kate has weaned two babies, and she keeps saying there is a gap in the market for home-grown, organic baby food. It’s given Pippa the idea that they should try launching their own line of organics.”

But, it’s not all about the babies – the line will also have healthy meal options for adults!

If they decide to start a new venture, then they will surely have the support of at least one VIP: Charles, Prince of Wales. The Prince owns his own line of organic groceries called Waitrose Duchy Organic, so perhaps he will be able to give them some great advice and sell their products.

It looks like this needs to happen ASAP!

(Image via Shutterstock)