Just FYI: These 10 jobs are on the verge of becoming obsolete

My favorite American Girl doll was Kit Kittredge, Girl Reporter, who I idolized for her go-getter attitude and pursuit of hard-hitting journalism. In 8th grade, my #2 crush (because let’s be real, I had like 20 crushes) said I reminded him of Rita Skeeter and I was a lot less offended than I should have been. I spent my last month of high school and summer before my last year of college interning for newspapers. Being a newspaper journalist has been a major, life-shaping goal of mine for years, so you can only imagine how heartbroken I was to learn that it’s one of the top 10 jobs in danger of going extinct.

As much as it pains me to admit this, it makes sense. Twitter has pretty much rendered the newspaper concept of “breaking news” obsolete, and Americans pretty much live their whole lives online. Why wait for tomorrow’s paper when you get the news right now, this very instant?

Newspaper guys and gals, expected to experience a 13% dip in employment by 2022, are not the only ones on the chopping block. According to CareerCast’s annual job survey, farmers will also be in trouble, with 19% decline (the corn!), along with jewelers (the diamonds!) and flight attendants (the in-flight safety regulations!).

The hardest hit of all, though? Mail carriers.

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Ugh, sorry guys. Email is just, um… well… faster. THE INTERNET RUINS EVERYTHING, AMIRITE

Check out the full list below:

1. Mail carrier
2. Meter reader
3. Farmer
4. Newspaper reporter
5. Logging worker
6. Jeweler
7. Flight attendant
8. Drill-press operator
9. Insurance underwriter
10. Seamstress or tailor

On the flip side, we’ve also got the official list of jobs with the best work-life balance. Bottom line? Do what you love. But also maybe have a Plan B.

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