Emily Baines
Updated July 29, 2016
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The next time your boss gives you grief about an unanswered email sent after-hours, tell him this: a new study conducted by researchers at Colorado State University, Virginia Tech, and Lehigh University suggests that answering after-work emails is bad for your health.

Researchers analyzed data from 385 surveys completed by professionals in a range of professional fields. Participants answered questions about the amount of time spent on email outside of work, their perceptions of the work-family balance, their emotional exhaustion levels, and their perceived psychological detachment from work during off-hours.

Unsurprisingly, researchers discovered that after-hours emails were a significant job stressor, with an impact similar to high workload and interpersonal conflict.

It’s not just receiving the emails that stresses us out—it’s the anticipation of receiving those emails. The study found that just knowing a work-related email could be on its way “contributed to emotional exhaustion.” Again, most of us could have told them that.

As the study explains:

So, ladies, put that iPhone away, close that email app, turn off the computer, and actually enjoy your life while you still have one!