Credit: Getty Images / MIGUEL MEDINA

There’s really no “good” way to be rejected after interviewing for a job. But there are certainly professional ways for interviewers to go about it, and rejecting an applicant via emoji is certainly not one of them. That’s what happened to 18-year-old Megan Dixon. The teen from Leicester, England applied for a waitressing gig at a Miller & Carter steakhouse only to be rejected from said gig with the crying-laughing emoji.

Rather than sending Dixon an email explaining the reasons behind declining her application, Miller & Carter interviewer, Shantel Wesson, sent Dixon a disrespectful text that took Dixon and the rest of Twitter by complete surprise (the tweet has since been deleted).

Dixon spoke to Teen Vogue about the incident after her tweet of the text conversation garnered over 800 likes. Dixon told the publication,:

She continued to tell Teen Vogue that she felt as if the interview with Wesson didn’t feel like a professional job interview right off the bat. Dixon said that Wesson was not prepared and her phone was going off during the sit-down.

The Sun received a statement from a Miller & Carter representative in which the company expressed its sincerest apologies to Dixon. “It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way,” the company spokeswoman stated. She continued to explain that the texts were meant to be sent to the manager of the restaurant rather than Dixon.

This rejection certainly takes the cake for being the most disrespectful rejection we’ve ever seen. But perhaps with the way modern times are taking us, we can expect more emoji job rejections in the future!