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You can file taxes for free. And no, this is no April Fool’s joke! If your income is under $64,000 a year, you may be able to file federal taxes with free file software. This is joyous news to those of us who already have a lot of “feelings” about Tax Day.

This is the kind of news that should be spread far and wide, screamed from every mountaintop (or apartment building, we’ll settle).

Sadly though, Consumerist Reports note about only three percent of eligible filers take advantage.

Time for more of us to get on that!

Now, this isn’t the only good news though for people who like free options during tax season.

The IRS also provides free fillable forms for everyone, regardless what paycheck you’re bring home.

When you’re finished, you can file online with no fee. Now, this means you are doing the work yourself. Just follow the instructions to fill in the right numbers in the boxes.

Still a little confused by your taxes? Don’t worry there’s also some great tax advice (and yes, that’s free also).

For those with a more complex tax situation, there is free help from the IRS, or you can use the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance service (VITA). You qualify for VITA if your income is below $54,000, if you’re disabled, or if you speak limited English.


You may also have the option to file state taxes for free, depending on where you live. Check out this list to see what your state provides, and be sure to double check with your state’s tax website.

With this info, you can say loud and proud…

See? Aren’t you dreading Tax Day (which is April 18th) a little less now?