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Were you out with friends for dinner and didn’t have enough with you for your portion of the group bill? Or did your friend forget their wallet and you lent them some cash? Whatever the case may be, Facebook Messenger is coming to the rescue.

Facebook is always full of surprises, right? In Messenger, you can play a game of digital basketball, play Spotify songs, and even order an Uber. Now, you can also track down friends who owe you money, reports Mashable.

What?! (I wonder how many friends will be deleted as a result.)

Simply type “IOU,” “you owe me,” or “I owe you,” and your friend will be prompted to pay up.

Here’s an example straight from the source: Facebook.

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I guess it takes the place of the awkward IRL asking-someone-for-money-back scenario. But, is a Facebook message much better? Especially one that seems so impersonal?

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Would you use it?!

As an experiment, I tried it, but it didn’t work, no matter what keywords I typed in. (Perhaps it’s a sign I’m supposed to ask people for money owed IRL?) However, friends of mine tried it and said it worked (though they only tried it as a test, not to actually collect funds from anyone).

Apparently, this “Chat Assist” feature launched this week in the U.S., but since it’s being rolled out, it’s not available to all Facebook Messenger users yet, according to AppAdvice.

I’ll be curious to see how many people use “Chat Assist” and what their friends’ reactions will be. I really hope it doesn’t result in people ~losing~ friends, though they can always surpass the app and talk money matters IRL, amirite?