Anna Gragert
September 02, 2015 1:46 pm

As crazy as it sounds, you can actually book a flight for a dollar. No, we’re not kidding, and yes dreams really do come true.

So, here’s the deal. Frontier Airlines just announced that they’re having a “Fly For Only a Buck” sale. In other words: they are quickly becoming a fairy godmother for all you travelers out there. This beautiful promotion includes last-minute flights from cities such as Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and many more! But really, does it matter where you’re going if you’re only spending $1 on a flight? Just think – you’ll have more money for food, souvenirs, a hotel, food, fun activities… and food!

Now, you’re most likely wondering: What’s the catch? And yes, there is a catch – but we promise that it’s not that bad! After the additional fees, you’ll end up paying $15 to fly each way. There’s also an extra charge for a carry-on, checked bag, or seat assignment. But if you’re totally cool with traveling light and middle seats and maybe not the greatest seat assignment on the plane, you’re looking at a $30 total. Sweet deal, right? 

This magical deal is valid until September 16th. As for September 8th, that’s the only blackout date. In order to fly through the skies for a discounted price, you must purchase your tickets by midnight (Cinderella, we’re looking at you).

Fair warning: the airline’s website is getting A LOT of traffic today, so it may take a while for you to get your dream flight at a dream price.

[Images via Twitter, Shutterstock]