Stephanie Hallett
March 28, 2017 2:38 pm

Are you good with a needle and thread? Are you well-versed in the art of furniture preservation? Then dust off your resume, because Buckingham Palace is hiring a new interior decorator, and the job could be yours.

The Royal Household posted the job opening online this week, and is seeking a “curtain maker and soft furnishing upholsterer” to deliver projects at Buckingham Palace — Queen Elizabeth’s residence — Windsor Castle, and St. James’s Palace, where Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall live.

According to the posting, “The range of projects will stretch you.” Stretch you, you guys.  The posting continues, “And knowing that you’re conserving and creating magnificent items that will be enjoyed by future generations will give you the greatest sense of reward.” Ah, that elusive work-related reward!

Skills required for the position include expert abilities in machine and hand stitching, and knowledge of furniture preservation. You’ll be required to take on a variety of tasks — including designing new items, such as curtains and other soft furnishings, tailoring furniture coverings, and evaluating and preserving historic furniture items — and you’ll keep a detailed record of all the projects you complete.

The rate of pay is set at £22,000 per year, plus a 15% employer pension contribution and benefits, which translates to just over $27,000 annually. It’s not much, tbh, but when your contract ends you’ll be able to say your work is royal-approved. How’s that for being #girlboss.

You have until June 4th to apply, creative mavens.