Jen Juneau
Updated Apr 04, 2017 @ 3:49 pm
Credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

Think of how much money is in your bank account. Hopefully, it’s an amount you’re happy with, but if not, we’re so sorry but you’re about to maybe feel a little worse (and trust us when we say we empathize).

That’s because Beyoncé Instagram is worth $1 million or more if she posts an #ad on social media, according to a study conducted by D’Marie Analytics. Yes, one IG post equals $1 million. That equates to a lot of Gucci for Blue Ivy and her twins on the way.

We get it, though. She may be only the 22nd-most-followed person online, but she’s the most valuable celebrity on social media (followed closely by Selena Gomez, who has the most Instagram followers and makes half a million dollars per ad) for a reason.

This makes a lot of sense. Queen Bey doesn’t post to social media all that much — in fact, she hasn’t tweeted for almost a year, and that one 2016 post (to promote Lemonade) was after a three-year hiatus. So you should probably be something pretty special, and willing to pay top dollar, for a social-media post from her.

It’s unlikely that Beyoncé really needs the money, or will be posting ads all over her Instagram account anytime soon. For the most part, anything “branded” is subtle and requires digging.

It appears as if Bey has yet to cash in on her IG worth, however, we ~think~ we may have found an #ad on her social handle. This old post from the Airbnb she stayed at when she performed at the Super Bowl is likely an ad. She shared this pic on both Instagram and Facebook, but the now-deleted Facebook post was captioned, “It was a super weekend Airbnb.” Let’s be real, when has Beyoncé wrote a caption that overt?

Regardless, we’re totally blown away — but not at all surprised — by how much money Beyoncé can make in a few clicks. And while, like we said, we doubt her socials will be all ads, all the time, we know anything she does choose to promote will be worth her time (and let’s be real, all our money).