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In this job market, we are all desperate for work. But oftentimes, our die hard work ethic clouds our ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Whether you bring job stress into your relationships outside of the workplace, or you are practically always working — going from your part-time, to your second part-time, to your ridesharing gig, etc.

Employment recruiting website, Glassdoor, is here to help. Their researchers analyzed employee feedback for all the professions on their site, and created a list of 29 jobs that allow the best work-life balance.


In an interview with Mic, Glassdoor spokesperson, Allison Berry, spoke about the depressing state of self-care among today’s work force, and linked the issue to technology:


The best job for good work-life balance is corporate recruiter. That’s the person who works with hiring managers to find new employees and create new roles needed by the company.

Next, we have UX designers, who help develop the interfaces and user experiences on various websites and apps.

The third best job for work-life balance is data scientist. That’s the employee who analyzes company data (and sometimes develops software) in order to help the company devise a plan to be as effective as possible.

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We all have a right to get that paper while still remembering we are more than our jobs — so here’s to one day finding work that let’s us be healthy and happy.