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When it comes to finding a job, most of us are willing to take the first thing that comes our way. After all, we have bills to pay and student loans to pay off — and it’s super expensive being a human. But the older we get, the more we start to realize that the perks of a job are almost as important as the paycheck itself. According to Glassdoor, nearly 3 in 5 people report that job perks are one of their top considerations when accepting a job — so the company decided to do a round-up of the top 20 companies with amazing employee benefits. Check out the top 10 below, and the rest over at Glassdoor.

1. Netflix

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The company has an extremely generous parental leave policy, offering one year of paid maternity and/or paternity leave to new parents. Once the year is, they’re extremely flexible with allowing employees to return either part-time or full-time, and with giving time off as needed.

2. REI

The sporting goods company is all about the great outdoors, and offers two paid “Yay Days” a year for employees to go explore their favorite activities.

3. Salesforce

In the spirit of giving back, Salesforce gives its employees six paid days a year to do volunteer work; and if an employee uses all of them, they get a $1,000 grant for a charity of their choice.

4. Spotify