Gabi Conti
Updated Jul 10, 2014 @ 2:56 pm

If you are of the Internet generation, you’re probably online like it’s your job. New Buzzfeed quiz? You took it. A new movie now streaming on Netflix? You watched and tweeted about it. That high school ex who you don’t really talk to anymore just got married? You’ve seen all 156 photos in his “Just Married” Facebook album.

It’s crazy how hard you work without getting paid. That has to change, and it just might.

Netflix is on the hunt for “taggers” —people who they’ll pay to binge-watch film and TV series all day long. Their only responsibility? Coming up with “tags” or genres for Netflix content. So you know how after you re-watched all of Gossip Girl, Netflix started showing you “TV Shows With Strong Female Leads?” A tagger’s job would be to find those shows and tag them. Dream job, right?

And it’s not the only one its kind out there. There are plenty of jobs that require the skills of someone with a crazy Internet habit.. Here are your options::

1. Curate for Pandora

This person has to have a background in the music industry and is the one who determines what goes on your Taylor Swift station. I’m assuming this person really likes Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” cover as it appears on all 28 of my stations.

2. Take Charge of a Company’s Twitter Account (and Other Social Media Properties)

It seems like practically every company has a Twitter presence and an active one. Did you know if you tweet at Yogurtland, they’ll tweet back at you? That’s how I found out that Heath Bar toppings are only available at select locations.

3. Become a Professional Instagrammer

This is also a thing. Some famous Instragram users get paid up to $2,500 for sponsored posts. This also applies to Instagram “models.” Okay, so you’ll need a lot of followers / need to be semi famous for this to work. But some fashion/beauty companies pay Internet famous “models,” (you know the ones that have almost a million followers and take a ton of selfies) to pose using their products.

4. Partner with YouTube

If you have a ton of subscribers to your YouTube channel, you can become a “partner” and split a portion of the money YouTube makes from ads on your videos. It can amount to very little if you’re not producing content for millions of viewers all the time, but if you are, you can make upwards of $1 million. (See the top earning YouTube stars.) So, if you love watching other YouTubers, are great at turning out content and know how to shoot and edit, you can do this from the comfort of your own bedroom. Literally.

5. Join the Ranks of the Fashion Blogging Elite

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the top fashion bloggers are earning in the millions, these days. Of course like anything, this takes a lot of time, hustling and patience to get here, but eventually it can pay off, big-time. .It did for my favorite fashion blogger Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. She’s been at it for a while, and now gets paid by advertisers and does partnerships with brands like J.Crew, Club Monaco and Estee Lauder.

6. Be One of Those Instagram Censors

Whoever is in charge of making sure there are no boobs on Instagram.

7. Be My Mom. . .

. . .spends about 56% of her day on Facebook. Granted, she doesn’t get paid for it, but she’s the first to tell me if someone posted an unflattering photo of me. And I pay her back with love.

BRB, applying to be a Netflix Tagger.

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