Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 16, 2016 10:56 am
David Ramos / Getty Images

We all absolutely *adore* the Olympics, but we just realized we had zero idea how much money the top athletes get for their wins — or that they even got paid at all, which we now know is like, duh. But, guys, they make major bank. Oh, and this major money is on top of the multi-million-dollar endorsement deals they get, BTW.

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It turns out that the best of the best seriously make moola, and we’re fascinated by how all this works. According to a recent tweet by Voice of America, there’s a huge range as far as who gets what from their country’s Olympic committee, the folks that pay out.

Here’s how much money gold medal-winning Olympic athletes allegedly make.

In the U.S. you make $25,000, which seems like so much, until you see how much others make.

TBH, we wouldn’t complain.

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So if you’re an Olympian for Azerbaijan, located in Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe, and you get the gold, you make SO MUCH MONEY.

Like, we’re talkin’ 510k. What in the world does that even look like? Our pockets are looking especially empty, guys.

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We don’t feel too bad for our Olympians, though, because those from the U.K.? Get ABSOLUTELY ZERO DOLLARS.

BRB, crying. Okay, not really. We’re sure winning a medal and getting thousands of dollars in endorsements is enough to keep them warm at night.

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’til then, we’re going to just mourn our bank accounts. Maybe we need to become Olympians…