Karen Fratti
Updated October 20, 2017 3:11 pm
Hero Images/Getty Images

The process of looking for jobs can be complete insanity. It can also be exciting sometimes, but mostly it’s just a rollercoaster of literally all the emotions. You’re hopeless, then hopeful, and then all of a sudden you get a phone call, and you need to find the perfect outfit for a first or second round interview. Sometimes it all happens so quickly that we start accepting offers to meet with employers before we know if we even want the job, and end up wondering if we should cancel last-minute. If there’s one little thing we’ve learned about job hunting it’s that sometimes it’s worth going on a job interview even if you don’t want the job.

Surprising truth: You should go on some interviews for jobs that you aren’t 100% sure you want.

Don’t go crazy and start interviewing for things you most definitely aren’t qualified for or would really never, ever want to spend your life doing. But you know those job interviews you get that are ~interesting~ but you’re not totally convinced about? Those are the ones you might want to go to anyway. Here are some reasons why.

1You can try out your interview game.

When you haven’t been on an interview for a while, the whole process can be nerve-wracking. The only real way to practice is to practice IRL. Since you’re not even sure you want this job, you can remain emotionally unattached during the meetings and just answer and ask questions. Instead of wringing your hands about getting the gig, you can be mindful of where you stumbled, what seemed to work, and all of the little things that will be useful for the job interview you really want.

2You can see what’s out there.

Whether you’re in between jobs or hunting while you’re still employed, going in for job interviews is the best way to see what’s going on out there. What do these offices have that yours doesn’t? What do you like about this place or the supervisor that’s interviewing you? It will give you a better sense of what you’re looking for (and not looking for).

3You can ask questions.

Alright, you should always be asking questions on job interviews! But we get it — when you really, really, really want a job sometimes you just want to shut up and sign the contract already. And we don’t ask the important questions, sometimes just because we’re scared to come off as complicated. But you need to get over that as soon as humanly possible. When you take a little pressure off, it might get easier to talk about salaries and nitty-gritty stuff if that’s not your strong suit.

4You might actually end up liking the job.

When it comes to jobs, sort of like any other part of your life, things happen when you least expect them. What might seem like a “meh” job from the listing can turn out to be really cool. Maybe the company just reorganized, and they’re trying to do things differently in a way you actually didn’t think of.

You might get in there and really like the vibe of the office, the people who are interviewing you, and the opportunities available. Start thinking about these job interviews like a first date: It might sweep you off your feet. Especially when you hear about their mandatory month-long vacations or some other beautiful thing buried in the fine print.

5What else are going to do?

If you’re out of work, sometimes putting on actual clothes and heading back into civilization is just what you need. Don’t do anything that’s going to overwhelm you or that you really don’t want to do, but it can’t hurt to give things a shot. You’ll get the job you want soon enough.