Gina Florio
March 13, 2017 8:09 am

A 19-year-old mother in Tucson, Arizona is stealing the hearts of people everywhere with the elaborately beautiful photos she’s posting of her 5-month-old baby. Bella Moutran decided during her pregnancy that she wanted to create special pictures of her daughter once she was born, and she’s done exactly that. Her daughter’s name is Egypt Milan Moutran-Greenhouse, and she is quickly becoming an Instagram star.

Since Egypt was born, Bella has posted an extravagant picture every month to celebrate her growth. The Internet can’t help but point out that Bella has gone above and beyond, that she’s being the most extra mom we ever did see, but she’s owning it. And we’re loving it.

Here’s Egypt’s picture when she turned one month old.

Here’s Egypt at 2 months, with a Christmas theme thrown in. Look at her fabulous necklace!

She celebrated the New Year for her 3 month birthday.

Cupid dropped in for a visit on Egypt’s 4 month photo shoot.

And she made us all feel lucky on her 5 month birthday.

Bella told Buzzfeed News she wanted to create these lovely photos so that “Egypt can look back and see the dedication and effort that I’ve always put in for her because I love her so much.” She puts so much effort into these photo shoots that it sometimes takes her 3 or 4 days to prepare the setting, and she even makes some of the props by hand. Um, we would like to nominate Bella for Mom Of the Year.

For the people online who accuse of her being too fussy over her baby’s pictures, she has this to say: “I don’t see it as ‘too extra’ because you can’t ever be extra enough for your little human being!”

We’re here for it, Bella. And we can’t wait to see what kind of production will take place for Egypt’s 1 year birthday!