Kenya Foy
July 30, 2016 12:58 pm

We’ve all had a moment where the satisfaction from a seemingly ideal purchase suddenly morphs into a raging case of buyer’s remorse. That is precisely why we can so relate to the mom who posted an insanely funny online ad to resell a 100-year bassinet she bought for her baby.

Instead of shamefully brooding over the brilliant buy gone bad, 32-year-old Kobie Hughes posted an ad on that reads like a tell-all guide on how it feels to be pregnant combined with a desperate plea to get the piece of vintage furniture off her hands ASAP.

Describing the bed as being “designed in a time when babies were men, and those man-babies didn’t need no comfy, flat, safe cradles to sleep in,” Hughes told US Weekly her reason for wanting to get rid of the bed is because her baby hates it.

“Anyhow, we really need to sell this lovely bassinet that I bought in a whimsical moment in early pregnancy when I thought being pregnant would be a holy, otherworldly experience and had images of myself, glowing and slim, dressed in long white flowing dresses whilst I rocked my angelic baby in a white wicker cradle,” Hughes wrote.

LOL! Then comes the part where she gets really real about the trials of being an expectant mother with an unwanted antique baby bed:

“After getting fat, bloated, sweaty and flatulent; discovering babies only smelled nice depending on whether you sniffed them before or after a wee/ poo/ vomit/ washing between their fat rolls and finding that I was too busy feeding/ trying to get my baby to sleep to entertain fantasies of being a stunning Gaia Earth Mother I now need to sell so I can afford a haircut (easier then washing it at the moment).”

Hmm…we wonder which method of payment she used. (Not that it’ll help but we’ve been told that paying with cash helps stave off shopping-related regrets.) The bright side of the story is she’s only asking $50 and has even agreed to drink a bottle of wine *for* the kind-hearted soul who purchases it for $100.