Jill Layton
Updated May 04, 2015 8:32 am

If you have a case of the Mondays, we may have a cure. Heads up — this story starts out sad, but quickly works its way to happy. Really, really happy.

Mikey the cat gave birth to three kittens, and was quickly devastated when all three of them (born prematurely) passed away one by one. Being a cat it is hard for her to comprehend death (it’s hard to comprehend for humans too, actually), so she roamed around the house, desperately looking for her babies and not grasping that they were gone. She was still producing milk, but the milk had nowhere to go. So not only was she confused, depressed, and overwhelmed with sadness, she was also very uncomfortable and in pain. Her owner Hillary decided to help her in the best way. She called Dori’s Darlings Cat Rescue in Houston, Texas, and discovered that three abandoned kittens needed a home . . . and a mother.

The kittens were living with foster mom Amanda Lowe, who received the abandoned newborn babies only a few days before Mikey lost her last kitten. Amanda knew right away that this was meant to be and brought her kittens over to Mikey. When they introduced Mikey to the kittens, she immediately started licking them and rolled over to allow them to nurse, which was a very good sign. Amanda told The Huffington Post that while the adoption is important for both the kittens and Mikey, it’s far more important for Mikey. Kittens are often raised by humans, but losing her babies was, “just an awful thing she went through and this will be healing for her.” We told you it’d get happy!

A fun little fact about Mikey — when she was adopted by her human mom, her mom originally thought Mikey was a boy. She didn’t discover that Mikey was in fact not a boy — but a pregnant girl — until she took her to the vet for the first time. Surprise!

Here are some sweet, sweet photos of Mikey and her three newly-adopted kittens. Seriously, get ready for your heart to burst.

That is a WHOLE lot of kitty love. Our hearts will never be the same.

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