Emily Baines
Updated May 14, 2016 @ 8:23 am
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Credit: Imgur

We all have scars. Sometimes they’re hidden in our psyche, only visible during our darker days, but sometimes our cuts are far more physical and out-in-the open, like that scar on your knee you got from riding a bike. Those scrapes and scratches are often the more embarrassing ones. Well, loving mother and imgur user mommybrittaney saw such a cut on her son’s forehead and decided to make the scar a source of magic!

As the mother explains on imgur:

So, rather than let her son feel insecure, she reminded her son of a hero of his who also had a scar: Harry Potter! When she offered to turn his cut into Harry Potter’s magical lighting bolt. Of course he agreed. Who wouldn’t?

In the post’s comments, the ingenious mother adds, “Dressing him up as Harry Potter was my first instinct. He loves to dress up and already had the round glasses for the days he wants to dress up as Spengler from Ghostbusters.”

Her mother’s instincts are spot on! Just look how he lights up!

The scar, pre Potter-fied (and still adorable while frowning):

Mommy magic in action (you can already see his glee!):

Well, look at that cutie:

The glasses seal the deal. Best bandaid ever!

This sweet story can teach a lesson to us all: Any scar can become a badge of honor, and it’s the scarred parts of us that often help connect us to the heroes we admire.