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We are *so* here for moms who choose to breastfeed (though we, of course, support those who don’t!). Because of the amount of shaming that these moms go through, it feels so important to make sure these amazing ladies know they have support. And, according to The Huffington Post, one mom just shared a photo of herself breastfeeding for a super important reason: to raise awareness of breastfeeding alternatives, and empower other moms like herself who are having a tough time with the practice.

Carriage House Birth shared a photo of doula and new mom, Rebecca McKeever feeding her newborn, Andromeda, with a syringe.

The mom explained to HuffPost,

As a result of the method, the new mom felt so, so empowered.

We’re so here for this. Whether new parents choose to breastfeed or not, we send them nothing but love, and congratulations! And we’re so here for this amazing lady opening up about her own struggles to show those struggling with the breastfeeding process that it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with them, and there’s nothing “lesser” about trying another method!