Teri Wilson
July 09, 2016 7:56 am

Katie Reed, devoted mom and blogger at It’s a Mother Thing, just might be our new body positive champion. As she wrote on her blog, the other night when she was tucking her kids into bed, her five-year-old son Dexter called her fat. Reed says, “As I bent over to kiss his forehead, Dexter started laughing. I asked him what was so funny. He said, ‘Mommy you look like you’re having a BABY!’ ‘What?” I exclaimed’ ‘Don’t worry. It’s just ’cause your belly is so FAT!'”

Um, ouch. While Dexter is obviously an innocent little kid and we really doubt he meant to hurt his mom feelings, those are still some painful words. Reed has had three children in four years, has been battling recent health issues and admits that she’s put on weight. But as much as her self-image took a hit from the comment, she was equally worried about teaching her kids that women are beautiful no matter what their stomachs look like.

On her blog, Reed writes:

So the next day, she went to Target and bought a bikini. She even let her boys help her pick it out (they went with a rainbow pattern. because kids are awesome that way.) Then she went home to run through the sprinkler in the backward with her boys. Oh, and she also gave them a camera.

Reed admits she was upset when she saw the pictures of herself in the bikini. So upset that she went photoshop crazy and transformed her body into what she thought it should look like. Rather than letting her kids know all the terrible thoughts that were running through her mind, she put those words on her picture so she could get it out and still set a good example for her boys. “I knew that how I acted now would be how my kids learned what is normal,” she writes.

In the end, Reed says while it’s totally okay to have a goal and strive for self-improvement, it’s super important to appreciate all the amazing things about our bodies. She writes,


Props to Katie Reed for being an amazing mom. We’re betting her boys grow up to be exactly the sort of kind, compassionate humans she’s hoping to raise. *clapping hands emojis for life*