In case you were ever confused, giving birth is hard. Whether vaginally or through C-section, it takes its toll on the mother’s body. And one mom posted a photo of her body, post C-section, to show just how invasive the procedure is.

Australian mommy blogger Olivia White runs the website House of White, as well as her Instagram account houseofwhite_. Using her platform, White shared a photo of herself just hours after her cesarian section, to highlight what it looks like and to prove that there’s no “easy way out” when it comes to giving birth to a child. White wrote:

While White’s photo is a throwback, since her Instagram account indicates she didn’t just have a newborn, her words are still relevant. They are also incredibly meaningful to moms who have ever felt shamed or undervalued for giving birth via C-section. When it comes to childbirth, there shouldn’t be judgment on how a person delivered her baby.

Plus, as White says:

As White proves, having a child via C-section presents its own set of (incredibly painful) challenges, and all moms should be applauded for however they brought you into this world.