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The holidays are basically almost here, and for some really proactive people, the planning has already begun. But no one is as intensely particular about her house before the holidays as one hilarious woman. A mom closed her living room to prepare for Thanksgiving for an entire month, and her son isn’t thrilled about it.

She posted a sign explaining her rules, along with tape blocking the entrance. And yes, she’s absolutely serious.

She has already thoroughly cleaned the living room for her Thanksgiving celebration, so naturally, she wants it to stay clean. Nick Denbow took a picture of his mom’s sign and posted it to Twitter so the world could see what he’s dealing with. false

But she’s not a complete crazy lady. She at least listed special circumstances for her family members to enter the living room.

At the end of the note she gave the most legit reason ever for her unusual rules… because she’s the mom.

Hilarious mom of the year award goes to her!