One mom in Bloomington, Minnesota has received the Christmas gift of a lifetime. Well, we shouldn’t say “gift,” because it was well earned after an absolutely INSANE basketball half-court shoot.

On Friday, December 4th, mom Angela Ramey was standing on the court of Bethany Academy at their “Bethany Loves Bloomington” meal packing event, which aims to help feed the hungry in their community. The Rameys won the chance for the ultimate prize after raising the most during the school’s fundraiser.

Among a cheering crowd of kids, with her daughter, Grace, by her side, Angela stared at the hoop. The stakes were high: She was given the opportunity to shoot, and if she made it, she’d win half-tuition for her daughter.

“I played basketball for Grace Lutheran in fifth and sixth grades but beyond that, I’m not sports inclined,” Angela told KARE. “I looked at the ball. I looked at the ground. I dribbled once. I closed my eyes and I said a quick prayer.”

Her technique wasn’t exactly NBA-style from then on out. She put the ball between her legs and lobbed it upwards. It bounced in the court, and Angela turned away thinking she hadn’t made it. But then, a miracle happened, and just like that, she had half her tuition paid for. Her reaction is priceless, because at first she doesn’t believe the students around her, screaming that she made it in.

“I was like my gosh made it in! That’s incredible!” Grace told KARE.

Check out the full video below and be prepared to grin happily for the rest of the day, for both Angela and future college-educated Grace. Congratulations to the Rameys!

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