brittney johnson
Credit: Brittney Johnson/Facebook

Growing up, our parents may have told us we’re beautiful — but actions speak louder than words. When Brittney Johnson took her young daughter bikini shopping, she was struck by what the little girl said while they were in the dressing room together trying on swimsuits.

When her daughter said this, Johnson was snapping photos of herself to send to friends asking for feedback about how she looked in various suits.

Johnson says it provided her with a reminder that, by accepting her own body, she can set a strong example for her little girl, allowing her to grow up with the same mindset. Teaching a young girl to love her body is much like teaching kindness or good manners — actions speak louder than words.

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Although she knows her daughter will inevitably be faced with judgement and criticism as she gets older, Johnson says she will continue to promote body positivity every day, and she encourages other parents to do the same. Her post has already been shared nearly 154,000 times — and it serves as an important reminder that we should all embrace our bodies.