Credit: Amanda Booth/

Unfortunately, the world we live in can still be a difficult place for children born with special needs — but model Amanda Booth is doing something about it. She’s vowing to defy Down Syndrome stereotypes through her son Micah, who was born with the syndrome.

Booth says she needs people to see Micah for who he is — not through their assumptions about him, and we think this is incredibly important — especially because there are so many unique, creative people born with Down Syndrome who deserve to be recognized for who they are — not for a syndrome with which they were born.

In an essay for Harper’s Bazaar, Booth admits that before Micah was born, she knew very little about Down Syndrome or special-needs children. She didn’t even know that her son had the syndrome until after he was born.

Booth and her husband began researching life with a special-needs child using social media, specifically Instagram. Eventually, they decided to share their own experience as special needs parents. Booth wrote,

For Booth, raising a child with special needs means sharing her experience for those who are just starting out on their journey with a special needs child, as well as normalizing the experience for everyone else.

We think it’s incredible that Booth is sharing her experiences as a parent to a special-needs child. Booth’s platform as a public figure is sure to help destigmatize special needs people and debunk stereotypes about differently-abled individuals.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Amanda!