Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
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For ladies who dream of the day their partner pops the question, perhaps no fantasy proposal includes the ring popping out of its box and disappearing. So when it happened to a couple of baseball fans during last night’s New York Yankees game, we can only imagine their surprise.

With the Yankee’s broadcasting his proposal to the entire stadium, Andrew Fox recalls, “The message appeared on the screen and I told her to look at the screen. And as soon as I opened up the ring box it just instantly popped out.”

You can watch the ~drama~ unfold in this video.

No matter what team you root for, nor what you’ve heard about the helpfulness of New Yorkers, what happened next is a welcome reminder to not discount the kindness of strangers.

Yankees fans in Fox’s section immediately got down and began to assist in the hunt for the missing ring.

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“Everyone around us was so nice and was helping us. Like, really wanting to find it as much as we were,” says Fox.

In the midst of all this was Heather Terwilliger, Fox’s girlfriend, who in a post-game interview shares what was running through her mind when her proposal turned into a missing party search, “I didn’t know what to think, I started panicking, it was all a really big shock to me, but I’m glad we found it.”

Credit: Jim McIsaac / Getty

The sweetest part of it all?

For the future Mr. and Mrs. – she said “Yes!” – this will be a story to dine out on for years to come!