Jill Layton
August 20, 2015 6:27 am

Cats pretty much come and go as they please. Some cats hang out inside, others outside, and some just hang out wherever they feel like it — because they’re cats, and cats do what they want. When one cat in particular went missing from his normal hang out spots, his owners put up flyers hoping the community could help find him. But if no one’s getting the job done, do it yourself, right?

According to a photo brian_m_cassidy posted on Instagram, the missing cat seems to have found himself. Since he’s a cat, and probably has a great sense of humor, he’s most likely sitting next to his own flyer just to be ironic, or to show everyone walking by that his humans aren’t very perceptive. Either way, the whole situation is fantastic.

We’re happy the missing cat has been found, and we’re happy he loves sitting in the window. And hopefully by now, the cat’s humans know that their cat is, in fact, not missing.

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[Image via Instagram and Shutterstock]