Disney universe

We have a feeling that Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the current Miss Philippines and recently-crowned Miss Universe, might be growing weary of the controversy surrounding the crowning ceremony. (ICYMI, it didn’t go too smoothly.) She’d probably like to put the whole awkward moment behind her, and we’re guessing this amazing artistic tribute might help. James C. Mulligan, who has been an official Disney artist for close to 20 years, just gave Miss Universe the Disney Princess treatment.

We love this! Even the Miss Universe crown has been Disney-fied. I have to admit, becoming a Disney princess might be right up there with being named Miss Universe as far as #royalgoals is concerned. Just saying. Mulligan posted the amazing image to his Instagram the day after Christmas and simply captioned it with the hashtags #disneyfied #missuniverse and #piaalonzowurtzbach. In case you’re wondering how exactly someone gets a Disney princess makeover (asking for a friend…), he also posted a short video of himself working on the sketch. It’s all done on an iPadpro. Pretty incredible.

(Images via Instagram.)