Gina Mei
Updated Aug 03, 2015 @ 8:07 am

As the extremely talented actress and comedian behind YouTube celebrity Miranda Sings, Colleen Ballinger Evans has amassed a massive following since she posted her first video in 2008. But with great power, comes great Internet hostility — and as a result, Evans has also received her fair share of cruel and unusual comments over the years. Rather than fight fire with fire, however, Evans recently decided to respond to her haters in the most glorious way: By turning the meanest comments she’s received into a delightful anthem that’s basically the Internet troll version of “Shake It Off.”

To get a better understanding of the video, however, it’s important that we first talk about the e-phenomenon that is Miranda Sings. Personally, my memories of the character are closely connected to her cover of “All The Single Ladies” from 2009. The whole thing is gloriously bad, and a must-watch if only for its significance in YouTube history.

For those unfamiliar, Miranda is meant to be a play on the multitudes of people who flocked to YouTube when it first began, in hopes of achieving fame by posting videos of themselves singing. (See: Justin Bieber.) Let’s just say that music is not Miranda’s strong suit; and a lot of her early appeal came from the fact that no one knew if she was acting in earnest or staging a parody.

As a result, Miranda became a very polarizing — but universally fascinating — character, and the comments to her channel reflect that. To this day, people still attack “Miranda” for her persona and singing abilities. The kicker is that Evans is actually a very talented vocalist; she just so happens to be ridiculously good at imitating someone who isn’t. The “mean comments” song is her hilarious response to the endless negativity.

Posted to her personal account, “Psycho Soprano,” Evans directly addresses her haters in the best possible way: With the gift of clever lyricism. Perhaps most notably, she points out in the chorus that all of these mean comments just help to pay her bills — so she’s totally OK if the haters keep ’em coming. (To date, Miranda Sings’ channel has over 4.6 million followers; and her personal channel over 2.8 million.)

Fair warning, the video gets a little NSFW — as most mean comments on the Internet are wont to do — but it’s well worth a listen. This song is officially our favorite anthem for brushing off the Internet haters.

(Image via video.)