Briana Hansen
June 19, 2016 9:11 am

It’s easy to love Mindy Kaling. So it’s no surprise that the star has lots of fans. But it turns out there’s a pretty popular shirt that’s been making its rounds amongst her fans that has a rather morbid message. It’s a shirt with the phrase “If I Die, Tell Mindy Kaling I Love Her” on it. And her fans love it.

While it’s always fun to be supportive of an amazing woman like Mindy, she’s (understandably) concerned about the underlying message. In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she responded to a picture of the shirts by playfully saying, “I wish that these young women who are wearing them could be a fan of mine with out the specter of death involved in it.”

She later adds that she doesn’t want someone to come up to her someday and say that a person has died, but really wanted her to know that they loved her and blames how young adult novels romanticize dying young on a partial reasoning behind the shirt. Which, when put so bluntly, is a completely logical wish. Kaling even later jokes, “I just wanna be like, ‘Hey chill. You can grow old and be my fan.'”

Her whole reaction is pretty hilarious. And she makes some pretty valid points that, while she’s flattered, it may be going a little far. Though, to be fair, who wouldn’t want their effervescent love for Kaling to be one of the last things on their Bucket List? Maybe we could make it less morbid somehow. How about “If I Suffer Great Bodily Injury, But Am Okay, Tell Mindy Kaling I Love Her.” Is that better?

Watch the whole video here: