Fans of Hannah Montana might not realize that so much time has passed. But by seeing Miley Cyrus read her childhood diary from back when she was 11, it’s a reminder that she’s blossomed into such a wonderful and positive individual. For a feature for Cosmopolitan, Cyrus revisited her past writings and actually realized that a lot of her predictions came true.

The star was born back in 1992, and she’s currently 24 (going on 25 in a few months.) So, while there’s still a lot of time for her to complete her “goals” from back then, we have to say that she’s definitely on the right path.

Cyrus first read her prediction about having kids — and that one, sadly, hasn’t come true.

According to the star at the ripe old age of 11, she was going to have three. And even better, she named them — Joey, Andy, and Danielle.

She also predicted her kids would be in public school. Why was that important? Well, because private school didn’t work out so well for Cyrus.

But one thing did happen. Young Cyrus predicted she’d be a famous actress and a singer. Or, as she wrote in her diary, an “actris.”

One of the most important things that Cyrus wrote about was her character. She claimed that she always wanted to be “funny, energetic, nice, and sweet.” We’d use those exact three adjectives to define her today.

She also said that she was just comfortable being herself, which is exactly what Cyrus is still projecting today. In fact, just this year, she appeared on a U.K. talk show called Lorraine and expressed how she hoped people would see her.

No matter what, her diary proved that she’s always been wholesome and positive from childhood.