Jill Layton
May 18, 2016 10:56 am

Jimmy Fallon never fails to bring the laughs. And sometimes the creeps.

Miley Cyrus swung by The Tonight Show, and Fallon challenged her to a “funny face off,” which kind of turned into a creepy face off. But either way, it was hilarious.

The hilarious host asked viewers at home to send in videos of their kids making funny faces, and that’s exactly what they did. Kids posed with their gnarliest, funniest faces and Cyrus and Fallon took it upon themselves to recreate those faces live on television. Because why not, right?

Cyrus is no stranger to making ridiculously funny faces, so she obviously nailed it. And Fallon was pretty dead on as well. We’re super impressed with both of their funny face-making abilities.

Check out the funny face off for some laughs: