Mila Kunis sighted at the Fox All-Star TCA Press Tour - January 15, 1999
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Some of our beloved TV and movie stars of today got their start as child actors and models. Melissa Joan Hart’s first role was in a commercial for a bathtub doll called Splashy. Selena Gomez got her start on Barney & Friends as Gianna. And Mila Kunas?

She was a Lisa Frank Girl.

For those of you who never had one of Lisa Frank’s colorful binders or any of her other must-have, back-to-school supplies, Lisa Frank is the woman behind the colorful, whimsical brand of neon animals and cutesy phrases and ’90s girl nostalgia.

Life is beautiful:

And in an equally beautiful twist of fate, this colorful carnival of childhood is where Kunis got her start!
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Here’s the starlet before her That ’70s Show days and beyond, in one of the best Lisa Frank commercials to ever be captured on camera:

Lisa Frank + Mila Kunis = pure, nostalgic magic.

BRB while we dip out and revel in our memories of fly ’90s school supplies.

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