Christina Wolfgram
January 11, 2016 3:41 pm

Hey, buddy. You ok? Do you have a migraine or are you getting cold feet at your wedding?

You’re holding your head like you’re in pain …

But also kind of smiling? Despite being surrounded by cartoon hammers.

Or if maybe you were trying out some new poses for Instagram.

#bed #bedhead #nomakeupselfie

Oh, I see now. Puzzle pieces = Migraine. Obviously.

Don’t you hate it when your brain turns into a volcano? Oof!

Do you need medical attention?

I could fetch a Shaman if that’s more your style.

Well, if you already took something, then I’ll stop being such a worrywart.

But are you SURE you’re ok? This Photoshopped rock seems, like, heavy.

~~~Here you go, lots of squiggly lines~~~

Maybe this isn’t a migraine at all. Maybe this is a side effect from your telekinetic powers finally developing.

Quick! Guess what number I’m thinking.

Jeez, I used to think “migraine” was just a dramatic word for headache, but you seem to be in a significant amount of pain.

Like, you are clearly not yourself.

The number I was thinking of was five, by the way.

That’s cool. Don’t worry about it. Hope you feel better soon!

(All images via Shutterstock.)