Erin Mallory Long
Updated May 07, 2014 @ 9:46 am

Alright, let’s get real. It’s May and suddenly 2014 is almost half over and “what was on my resolution list again?” keeps re-playing in your head like some kind of horrible musak. Or maybe that’s just me. I like to keep my resolutions kind of broad and open-ended (you could call them vague) so that everything kind of works – sort of like fortune cookie fortunes! But most people have real resolutions that they want to stick to and I applaud that. So let’s get into some tips to keep your resolutions on track or get them on track in the first place.

Focus Up!

This is your first step. Do you want to work out more? Do you want to do charity work? Do you want to be nicer to your younger brother or your family in general? Whatever your resolution is, well, focus up. Figure out what your top priority on your resolutions list and focus on completely that one. With most things the hardest part is just starting. Starting the process of getting what you want is sometimes one of the scariest things you can do but (and not to be too Hallmark) it can also be the most rewarding. Focus up and get it, girl! (or boy!)

Change It Up!

Maybe you’ve tried to start before and have gotten lost or held up along the way. Well, don’t worry! Maybe you just need to try a new approach. If you’re trying to write and having writer’s block – switch writing locations or times or projects! Sometimes starting on something else helps open up your brain a little and gets you rejuvenated to your main project. Similarly, if you want to get healthy – try different exercise routines. Go to a new hike location or start yoga or just buy a new workout DVD. Anything that’s different, will help!

Be Realistic!

The worst thing about setting resolutions is setting unrealistic goals. Maybe ALL your resolutions that seemed important at 11:59pm on December 31st, won’t be accomplished in a year. And that’s fine! Just take inventory of your resolutions and figure out what’s possible. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t challenge yourself but there’s a difference between setting a challenge and setting an unrealistic goal that will just bum you out if it doesn’t happen. Take stock of your list and see what fits into the “Realistic” category and focus on that. You’ll be much happier.

Don’t Stress!

Ultimately, even setting resolutions as a goal is an accomplishment. It means you WANT a change and you WANT to be better so even if you make small steps towards that goal, you’re doing something. And don’t forget it! Sometimes we forget we have to be our own cheerleaders and it’s important to remind yourself you are trying and you want the change.

And just keep these in mind when you’re making new resolutions for 2015! You can do it!

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