Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 30, 2015 @ 7:56 am

Know what your inner 13 year old really wants to own? Michael Jordan’s jersey from Space Jam. While at age 13, you probably couldn’t navigate to the Internet to bid on the coveted shirt, now you can! It’s slated to go up for auction on the website Invaluable in October, and it’s time to make all of your childhood Space Jam dreams come true.

Now, just how much will this set you back? Possibly as little as $10,000 — but think of all the Space Jam reenactments you can stage! Included in your $10,000 investment, you’ll get one XL “brand mesh, red, white and blue-trimmed sports jersey with ‘Tunesquad’ logo on the front and signature number ’23’ emblazoned on the back.” You’ll also get a pair of size 38 shorts to complete the outfit.

This jersey and shorts combo was the one Jordan wore in the “climatic showdown” between his toon-filled Tunesquad and the Monstars. Invaluable also mentions that there are signs of “wear and minor staining” and, uh, take that as what you will. But hey, if you’re playing a game of basketball, you might get a little sweaty and gross, OK? You do what you gotta do to defeat the Monstars.

Bidding for it starts on October 1, and bear in mind that the opening bid for it is $10,000. It will only climb upwards in price from there. And who knows how many other inner 13 year olds have been dying for a pice of Space Jam memorabilia all these years.

(Image via Warner Bros.)