Kenya Foy
Updated February 16, 2017 2:52 am
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We’ve decided that the most fitting response to Mia the beagle’s bad Westminster Dog Show performance is a gushing facepalm. If you’ve seen her adorably awkward obstacle run-through, you’ll totally get why she isn’t the dog who won the whole shebang. That honor goes to a sweet-faced 5-year-old German Shepherd named Rumor, but that’s not to say Mia doesn’t deserve some time in the spotlight, which she preferred to bask in instead of focusing on her performance.

So, erm, about that… Let’s just say that whoever won $1 million for guessing the Westminster Dog Show winner probably didn’t give much consideration to submitting Mia’s name. She got a little side-tracked by a spot that needed licking (dogs, we tell ya), but that’s perfectly fine! She’s still an amazing dog and worked her hardest to impress the judges, but when those lights flashed and the cheering crowd called her name, she just couldn’t concentrate.

Now among all the wonderful pictures from the Westminster dog show, we expect to see at least one or three photos from a cheesing Mia, who wasn’t going to miss out on the perfect opportunity for a fierce close-up pose — even if she had to stop and smize in the middle of her performance.

We honestly can’t blame Mia because everyone — even dogs — tend to react differently under pressure. If we were in her position, we probably wouldn’t have been able to refrain from looking around at all of our fans cheering us on and making us feel like queen for a day.

So yeah, we’re not mad at Mia for seizing her moment. She’s still a very good (and fab) dog in our eyes, and we can’t wait to see her come back and give the dog show another shot next year. We’ll be happily rooting for her from the sidelines!