Sammy Nickalls
Updated April 04, 2016
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Stress goes hand-in-hand with this thing called life. The important thing to remember is that it’s not the amount of stress you’re experiencing that is the problem, but your reaction to it. That’s why self-care is so necessary for our well-being — not just when we feel stressed out, but every day, so our brains can unwind and reset.

April is Stress Awareness Month, so we asked the HelloGiggles team to share their absolute favorite methods of self-care. Whether you’re tensed up right now, or just need some ideas for the next time you need to chillax, here is some inspiration for how to kick back and relax.

Rockin’ those beauty routines

“I’m really into trying face masks right now, so I like to put one on a read by an open window or a chair where I can bother my cat with my eternal love for him. This way, I can promise myself 30 minutes of no-stress reading — but it usually ends up being way longer.” –Christina Wolfgram, video producer

“A long, hot, good-smelling bath a face mask, a book, and a beer. Nothing better, IMHO.” –Sammy Nickalls, staff writer


“Journaling and doing face masks. Both very important to me.” –Elena Sheppard, culture editor

“I get a mani and pedi or splurge on a facial and a massage.” –Marie Lodi, staff writer

“Sheet masks that make me look like Jason from Friday the 13th.” –Madison Vanderberg, senior editor

“Treating myself to a blowout just because.” -Madison Vanderberg

Chowing down

“Taking myself on a solo date to get a cheeseburger.” -Madison Vanderberg

“When all else fails, treating myself to a bean-and-cheese burrito always makes me feel awesome.” -Christina Wolfgram

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“I love making myself a bowl of homemade pasta, curling up in my bed, and watching one of my fave movies like Valley Girl or Clueless.” -Marie Lodi

“Cooking for myself. This doesn’t have to be something super elaborate, and can be as simple as chopping up some veggies and making salsa from scratch. There’s definitely something relaxing about setting aside some time to literally nourish my body, which is also good for my mind!” –Quyen Nguyen-Le, intern

Combination relaxation

“I have three movies that I bought on iTunes specifically because they calm me down (Trainwreck, Spy, Obvious Child) so I put those on, run a bath preferably with a bath bomb, put on a face mask, then go to bed stupid early — like 8:30 or 9p.m.” –Kathryn Lindsay, staff writer

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“Giving myself an at-home manicure, reading celebrity gossip or fashion magazines, watching favorite movies like Bridget Jones’ Diary or Le Divorce, and asking my partner for a shoulder rub or back massage — especially with nice-smelling lotion.” –Jessica Wakeman, news editor

Workin’ on your fitness

“Walking around. I spend 3+ hours in a train/bus commuting to and from work, another 8 hours in an office in front of a computer. The sun and the breeze is nice. And so is blood circulation.” -Quyen Nguyen-Le

No-screen time

“I’ve also been trying to give myself breaks from my phone, especially during meals. This has made me very unpopular among long-distance friends and my mom, but not worrying about my screen is suuuuch a good way to reset my brain.” -Christina Wolfgram

“I love putting my phone on silent and sitting to read for even just half an hour. It really helps me unwind and relax after a long day of staring at the computer.” -Sammy Nickalls

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Kindness explosion

“Giving a random shoutout to other people for being awesome. Something about other people feeling good also makes me feel good. Sending out positive vibes makes the world an overall more positive place for everyone. Communal self-care!” -Quyen Nguyen-Le