Kit Steinkellner
Updated July 26, 2015 8:05 am

Reddit user “labuzan” is the father of two teens, busy kids who are super-smart and crazy hard-working, the oldest graduated a semester early from high school and is currently working a 30 hour a week job, the youngest maintains a 3.95 GPA with all IB classes and also picked up a 30 hours a week summer job. Between all the effort the teens were putting into work and school, they apparently had little time/energy left over for picking up around the house, and their dad was starting to get irked by the dishes piling up in the sink. So rather than give his kids your standard “I’m disappointed in you, I expect better, you live in a world with other people, you need to be more considerate and responsible” dad lecture, he took a cue from the 2008 Liam Neeson thriller Taken and, as Mashable reports, wrote the most hilarious note to his teens. Obviously his threats weren’t Taken-style threats about personal safety (OBVIOUSLY, you guys). Still, his was the type of intimidation that would strike fear into any teen’s heart- the threat to take away the kids’ WiFi and data privileges.

Here’ s the note, gaze upon it in wonder:

As this dad says on Reddit, “When it comes to the ‘big rocks’ of life, they’re all squared away. They’re just f—ing slobs.”

Point, Dad. And a HILARIOUS point at that.


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