Live your best mermaid life with this DIY message board


Calling all land mermaids! Aka humans. If you’re as obsessed with all things mermaid as we are, then you’re gonna love this DIY mermaid message board. Seriously, we can’t stop playing with it and writing on it. The sequins are so shiny and fun to doodle with. You’ll want to use this message board as your primary form of communication. Stick it outside your dorm room door for your friends to leave you notes, or next to your fridge to leave yourself a list of groceries.

Watch the video below to see how easily it is to make. Paint the frame and decorate it with your favorite under the sea treasures, and that’s basically it. This message board is as magical as mermaids themselves.

Mermaid Message Board


Mermaid sequin fabric
Hot glue gun
Gold spray paint
Gold glitter spray paint
Shells, pearls, crystals, beads


1. Remove the insert from the frame and spray paint it with gold and glitter spray paint.
2. Cut a rectangle of mermaid sequin fabric that matches the length of the frame, but is a few inches longer at the top and bottom.
3. Hot glue the fabric to the cardboard insert, pulling it tight so the fabric is secure and flush with the backing.
4. Place the insert back in the frame.
5. Spray paint shells gold and hot glue them to the corners of the frame. Add pearls, beads, and crystals as desired.

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