Feast your eyes on these mermaid maternity shoots

We can’t be sure, but it’s possible that the best part about being pregnant — besides the whole creating new life thing — is the maternity photoshoot. Remember Beyoncé’s? Magic! We definitely saw an increase in underwater shoots after that, and keeping on theme, it seems mermaid maternity photoshoots are taking over Instagram. And why wouldn’t they? Mermaids are magical creatures, and being pregnant is a magical experience. It’s only right.

While we don’t have the official stats, it definitely seems like there has been a huge increase in #pregnantmermaid posts, and we’ve rounded up some for your viewing pleasure.

Scroll through the maternity shoots of these mystical mermaid mamas.

Even the daddies got in on the magic.

One guy even got some solo action.

Ulysses Padilha, a photographer from Rio de Janeiro, noticed an influx in requests for mermaid maternity shoots after he posted photos of a pregnant mer-mama on Instagram in 2016. Inspired, he launched an ongoing project dedicated to pairing the beauty of women with the mystery and magic of mermaids. Padilha also donates a small portion of his project’s proceeds to a beach pollution prevention charity.

But our favorite part is the mini-fins of mer-babies! Ulysses offers a special before-and-after birth package that includes two photoshoots — one featuring a pregnant mom mermaiding out, and a second including the baby.

Just look at the babies!

Seriously, we’re so close to grabbing a mermaid tail just to lay around and watch Netflix.

We’re kind of obsessed with all things mermaid-mamas-to-be, mer-babies, and underwater adventures right now. So we’ll brb after spending the next few hours scrolling through adorable #pregnantmermaid snaps.

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