Julia Topaz
Updated Apr 18, 2019 @ 8:07 am
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Back in early March, Mercury went retrograde and plunged us into a cloud of Pisces energy where unicorns and mermaids reside. The little planet that controls communication and technology went direct on March 28th, but those Piscean vibes are hard to shake—and we haven’t stopped dreaming awake. As fun as it has been, though, it’s time to move forward and anchor ourselves in the real world.

Mercury enters Aries on April 17th and kicks off with a conjunction to Chiron. If you aren’t very familiar with astrology, I’ll break this down quickly for you: Chiron is what we call a Centaur, and it represents the concept of wounding and healing. It’s not very fun, but it’s highly rewarding.

Mercury starting its journey in Aries with Chiron tells us that we are entering a time during which we’re doing a lot of healing when it comes to relationships, sexuality, identity, assertion, ambition, and masculinity. Now is the time to speak up, open up your throat chakra, and tell your truth; tell it like it is and step into your power. It’s also a good time, collectively, to have flashes of insight. Breakthroughs are coming to the surface, and we’re finally understanding areas where we’ve been hurting unconsciously.

Let’s take a look at what Mercury in Aries is going to trigger for you. Read the horoscopes per sun sign, and don’t forget to check your rising sign as well, if you know it.


You’re telling it like it is. Assert yourself, rethink yourself, redefine yourself, communicate yourself. Mercury is triggering a wind of assertion and energy for you—time to take control.


Taurus, it’s a good time to empty those hidden psychological drawers of yours. Mercury is encouraging a lot of subconscious thoughts to come to the surface, so pay attention to what comes up right now. You’ll get clarity next month about these matters.


Lots of energy for you, Gemini. With Mercury in Aries, online activities are supported as well as group activities. Focus on asking yourself what your ideals and desires are, and Mercury will help you conceptualize and materialize what you wish. But remember to ground yourself and slow down.


This new energy can feel a bit disruptive for you—you might feel more mentally stimulated and perhaps annoyed. But it’s also a very good time to rethink and redefine your career goals—you might have more clarity than usual.


This new energy is very positive for you, Leo. Ideas are flowing, you feel creative and loving, and your mood is likely to be lifted. Enjoy the new perspectives and ideas you discover during this month. Let your mind rest and use your imagination.


Well, well Virgo, are we overthinking things? Mercury is asking you to stop thinking so much and take more action—focus on being more decisive and on not breaking things down into such small pieces that nothing makes sense anymore. Rely on your instincts, and you’ll find yourself much more at peace and with greater clarity.


Love, love, love—but also business. You’re being pushed to balance yourself, Libra, enough with the bending over backwards to please everyone. Now is the time to reclaim your time and energy. Mercury in Aries is going to push you to be more assertive and decisive about what you want in your partnerships. Enjoy it!


Mercury in Aries is going to help you be more connected to your true desires and instincts, and although everyone around you might feel a bit too fast and furious for your taste, it’s pushing you to express yourself more and simmer less—not a bad idea. It’s a good time to release old grudges and tensions that you’ve held onto.


Nothing can stop you during this Mercury in Aries season, Sag. Ideas are flying all over the room, and you feel even more entertaining and fun than usual—but be mindful of what you say and what you wish. Things are moving so fast you might pursue the wrong path before you even have time to realize it. Remember to slow down.


Capricorn, you’re going to enjoy this Mercury in Aries season as you can be all about business while also enjoying more decisiveness and shorter timelines than usual. But you could also feel rushed by everyone around you. Take the good of the energy (less fear, more action) and just take a step back and ground yourself when you feel things are going too fast.


You’re in your perfect element, and things are going to be exciting for you intellectually. Finally, the world is catching up to speed with your brain—although you might find that everyone is a little too passionate for your tastes. Now is a good time to communicate, express yourself, and work on projects that require communication and design.


This is a great shift for you, Pisces, as you have been in a very insightful place for the last month or so, and Mercury in Aries is finally allowing you to make clear sense of everything you went through. Your mind is becoming much clearer, much more focused and down to the facts, which allows you to put in motion all of these dreamy and idealistic thoughts and ideas you’ve had for the last month.

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