It's important to listen to your gut instinct now more than ever.
mercury enters libra
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Mercury enters Libra on September 5th, allowing you to have a fair-minded and balanced approach when it comes to communications. This time around, Mercury will be the trigger point of a fraught T-square, which will be offset by Mars and the Capricorn stellium (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn). Therefore, an imbalance will likely occur. You can expect secrets and scandals to be revealed—only to be weighed by the scales of justice. This means that you will be making judgments and decisions about these revelations.  

Read below for your Mercury in Libra horoscope. And make sure to read your rising sign horoscope as well.


You are longing for excitement in your one-on-one relationships. This may lead you to start drama with your boo even though there are no problems in sight. Instead of stirring the pot in your romance, try spicing things up in the bedroom or in your text conversations with your partner.  


You’re trying to find order in the midst of chaos. Don’t make too many lists full of tasks that you know you cannot keep up with. Be mindful of the amount of work you take on to avoid burnout.


Someone new is catching your eye, making you feel all the feels for the first time in a while. You’re ready to open your heart again and find love. Just take it slow, and don’t rush into a situation before you get to know them, to ensure they’re the one. 


Your imagination is heightened right now, which is great if you’re working from home. Be creative to make the office you desire from the comfort of your own home. You can create an environment in your abode that has all of the items that you have in the office.   


Your mind is running a mile a minute—and so is your mouth. Think before you express yourself to avoid drama with others. Also, don’t accidentally spill the beans on a situation that you know little about but are viewing from the sidelines. This will help you avoid accidentally stirring the pot.  


Instead of thinking with your analytical mind, try trusting your intuition. This may be hard for you to muster at first, but you’ll be able to lean into your gut instincts if you begin to have faith in yourself and your decision-making skills. Facts don’t matter. The answers are within.  


You are known to be logical in how you understand situations, Libra. Over the next few weeks, you are going to be rethinking how you express your pragmatic sentiments in an effort to lean more into your emotions. Don’t underestimate your feelings. Fall into them. Don’t second-guess your heart now.  


Gut feelings can be lifesavers. Remember that when you start to second-guess your intuition. Don’t make yourself feel things that aren’t lining up with your sentiments. Only you know what’s right and best for you. The key is to make sure it happens and to protect yourself in reality.  


There is gossip and drama brewing in your friendship circle. More than ever, you want to keep and maintain the peace amongst the members of your squad. The caveat is that you should be careful not to create more drama from interfering in their situation. Approach with care.  


You’re hustling 24/7 and making deals all day. While you’re giving and bringing your all to your job, you are in need of some personal TLC. Don’t burn the candle at both ends. Allow yourself a moment away from work to decompress and chill. Balance is key and important now.  


Your mind is hungry for knowledge. This is the ideal time to pick up any subject and dive deep into it. Thinking about learning yoga? Or a foreign language? Or perhaps about medieval history? Now’s the time to expand your mind and enrich your soul. Go for it, Aquarius!   


Your intuitive nature is on fire, allowing you to see beneath the surface on all matters. There’s nothing you can't uncover. All secrets and clandestine activities will be revealed.  And anything else you want to know will be revealed in due time.