You may begin to rub people the wrong way.

Lisa Stardust
Jul 31, 2020 @ 11:20 am
mercury enters leo, astrology, zodiac sign, august 2020
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From August 5th to August 20th, Mercury will be in fiery Leo. During these two weeks, you will express yourself with passion and flair. The only caveat is that you may be a little too rigid in your beliefs, which can lead to arguments. Your words can be boastful and may rub others the wrong way. Listen to other people with sensitivity, compassion, and kindness.  

Here's your horoscope. Remember to read your rising sign, too.


Go big when it comes to declaring your feelings for your crush. Send them a love letter or email to let your truest sentiments be known. Trust us, you will be happy with the results because they will totally reciprocate your feelings.  


You may not be in the mood to talk with your friends and family—which is absolutely fine because you're focusing on fixing up your home. If you want to paint the walls a different color or change up the decor in your dwelling, now’s the time.  


You’re feeling sassy (as usual), which can lead to drama with friends if you’re not careful. No matter how tempting it is to join in on the gossip and discuss recent scandals in your peer group, stay out of it for your own good because it’ll boomerang back at you.  


You may be a little stubborn in your beliefs, but your inflexible sentiments are helping you assert your ideology with confidence. Try to be a little more flexible when it comes to accepting others who share different beliefs than you in order to be the understanding crab that you are.  


The world is your oyster, which is boosting your curiosities at the moment. Use this time to get to the bottom of your matters. Don’t use this mischievous energy to create problems and start drama with others but rather to understand people and situations on a deeper level than ever before.  


You’re an excellent person to confide in. When people tell you secrets, it goes in the vault. You’re proving that you are a ride-or-die friend because you're not sharing any secrets—no matter how many people try to find out the deets of your bestie.  


Your friendship circle is evolving, which means that you are growing your support system and relationships. Start a humanitarian project or charitable endeavor with your crew to merge your interests and passions. Then, you can connect with your squad about things that matter to you and to them. 


Work has been in flux, which has been making you feel as though you’re riding a roller coaster. However, now you are able to assert your power and gain acknowledgment for your efforts. More projects and recognition will come your way from your boss who admires your tenacious work ethic.  


Your hunger for knowledge is strong, leading you to investigate philosophies, conspiracy theories, and scandals in your spare time. You may find yourself engulfed in a true-crime documentary and decide to become a citizen detective in your free time. Just be careful when you put on your detective cap—you don't want to get too deep into the theories without double-checking your sources.


No one knows more than you that words can hurt. Although you’re trying to be nice to your friends and family, sometimes salty comments come out of your mouth. Choose your words wisely and run the discussion through your head before talking to avoid conflict with others.  


Open communication with your boo will bring you both closer together over the next few weeks. The only caveat is that you may feel as though your partner is being too demanding and thirsty. Balance out your relationship to ensure stability and no hard feelings within your partnership.  


Your anxiety may be high over the next few weeks, calling for you to take time off from daily stresses to unwind. Focus on healing yourself now. Don’t allow others to steal your sunshine and positivity. Protect your energy. Be gentle with yourself; you deserve to be treated with kindness.