This memo is the best thing we’ve seen about ‘Back to the Future’ all week

Even though the Internet coined October 21 as “Back to the Future Day,” the last seven days could definitely be considered a Back to the Future week. If we had it our way, October would be Back to the Future month, but wishing for that might be the equivalent of wishing for a real-life hoverboard.

Lucky for us and for fans still excited about officially living in The Future, the Twitter account Network Notes shared an epic memo written during the film’s development. The note is from Sid Sheinberg, who ran Universal Pictures and took special in Steven Spielberg before the director had his first hit with Jaws. Sid shares a concern that the title Back to the Future implies a “time travel” genre film.

His solution? Change the name to Spaceman from Pluto.

This change would mean making many little tweaks to the script. Basically, any time people from the past would reference Marty McFly, they would have to call him (you guessed it) “a spaceman from Pluto.” This timeless reference to Darth Vader would have been cut and modified to fit the new title. Yikes.

Of course, knowing what we know now in The Future, it’s silly to imagine all of us celebrating Spaceman from Pluto Day. It turns out, Steven Spielberg was way ahead of his time and responded, “Dear Sid, thanks so much for your most humorous memo. We all really got a big laugh out of it.”

Apparently, Sid was too proud to stand up to Mr. Spielberg, so we got our beloved Back to the Future, parts one through three. Whew! That alternate title would have totally aged those films – Pluto’s not even a planet in 2015.

Check out the full memo below:

(Images via Universal and here.)