Jessica Wang
Updated October 02, 2018
Background: tenmami/Getty; L to R: Christophe Gateau/Getty; Rodin Eckenroth/Getty; Leslie Jones/Twitter @Lesdoggg

On the heels of that “sexy” Handmaid’s Tale costume debacle, Halloween season is officially upon us after a spooky first 10 months of 2018. The blazing hellfire of current events has certainly been a fitting lead-up to the scariest season of the year. But as we approach yet another Halloween, we’re also pretty much bracing for the routine blackface and culturally insensitive costumes that will circulate the web in the days to come. That’s where this article comes in! We are here to save you from yourself, Halloween enthusiasts. There’s certainly no need to be a prick in the name of All Hallow’s Eve. Put away the black face paint. Step away from that Native American headdress. Close the browser tab for that kimono. We can introduce you to a whole new world of tasteful, clever meme Halloween costumes.

This Halloween, consider taking inspiration from some of the current events that didn’t make you gag. Draw inspiration from the purer corners of the internet. Consider one of these nine costumes if you want to become an IRL 2018 meme. From plaid shirt guy at the Trump rally to the always-classic Kermit sipping tea, consider these meme Halloween costumes.

1Texting teen at the Super Bowl

Channel the viral texting teen who made us all groan during Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show with a classic gray pullover hoodie, a DIY Super Bowl lanyard, and dark brown trousers. Cap it all off with the cherry-on-top iPhone and think about how Beyoncé’s performance was far superior.

2Plaid shirt guy at a Donald Trump rally


Pretend you’re in the ultimate Bad Place (a Trump rally in Montana) and channel the hilarious Plaid Shirt Guy with a classic plaid shirt. Walk around your local Halloween party with perplexed, horrified facial expressions in response to an imaginary tyrant. Perhaps throw in a “Make America Great Again” poster.

3Jared Kushner awkwardly waiting outside a door

Don a suit and hold a manila folder and you’ll be the spitting image of a spineless Jared Kushner arriving at the Office of the United States Trade Representative this Halloween. Completely ignore those around you as you awkwardly wait about two minutes to finally be let into the party. Consider the silly parallels to HBO’s Veep.

4Chelsy Davy at the 2018 royal wedding

Channel your inner Chelsy Davy at the royal wedding of her ex-boyfriend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Don a navy blue dress and matching fascinator and look like you’re in existential peril. Think about how you’d much rather be at home streaming The Crown on Netflix.

5Enamored Prince George on a helicopter

Channel your favorite little royal with a gingham button-up top, navy blue shorts, and a belt. Walk around with your hands in the ultimate “oh my!” position as you stir the pot (of delicious apple cider). Additionally, refer to those around you as poor peasants in your best English accent.

6Yodeling Walmart boy

Don a white button-up tucked into dark denim jeans, complete with a red bow tie and black boots, to channel the now-iconic yodeling kid. Purchase these items at your local Walmart. Walk around yodeling your favorite Halloween tunes.

7Kermit sipping tea

While the “but that’s none of my business” meme of our favorite muppet sipping tea technically dates back to 2017, who are we to exclude a timeless classic? Kermit sipping tea will always be relevant. A simple “Kermit the frog” costume search and a cup of tea from your pantry will do the trick this Halloween.

8BBQ Becky calling the cops

With a navy blue hoodie zipped up over a charcoal tee, BBQ Becky makes for perhaps the spookiest costume of all. Polish off the look with some dark sunglasses, the classic half-up, half-down hairstyle, and, of course, your trusty cell phone to call the cops on people of color for simply existing. Take note from Saturday Night Live‘s Aidy Bryant.

9Squat-and-squint woman

Channel your inner squat-and-squint woman with distressed black jeans, a matching black top, and a blush pink blazer. Don’t forget the iconic tinted shades and hoop earrings. Spend the night squatting and squinting wearily.