Briana Hansen
Updated Jun 15, 2016 @ 12:57 pm
mad tv
Credit: Tommy Garcia/The CW

The Hollywood Reporter just gave us some seriously awesome news: The new cast for the revival of our favorite (yet sadly, cancelled) late night sketch show, MadTV. While there were rumors about it for a long while, it looks like they’ve finally settled on eight new talented cast members who we cannot wait to see shine. Since we have to wait until the end of July to see these hilarious folks in action on the CW, here’s a little about each of them to tide you over until then.

Carlie Craig

You may remember her from her Ariana Grande impression on First Impressions with Dana Carvey. Her look is spot on and Carvey was blown away by her talent. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing this character come out in all sorts of hilarious sketch scenarios.

Chelsea Davison

Chelsea is a writer on @Midnight who was named a “New Face” at the coveted comedy festival Just for Laughs in Montreal. She clearly has great taste since this is her latest Insta post:

Jeremy D. Howard

Jeremy already seems to have a plethora of hilarious characters out in the world that you can check out on his YouTube and Insta pages. Here’s one of his latest posts that will definitely make you LOL.

Amir K

Amir is a stand-up comedian who’s made all sorts of appearances on various TV shows and even movies. Needless to say, this hysterical guy has worked with some familiar faces.

Lyric Lewis

Lyric is part of The Groundlings Main Company (who gave us the likes of Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig among many others). In order to be in the Groundlings, you’ve got to stand out with your character work. No doubt this woman will knock us dead with killer characters.

Piotr Michael

Piotr is a gifted impressionist voice artist who you’ve heard in all sorts of animated games and shows. And, just like the rest of us, he’s a little nervous around stuffed, angry-looking rams.

Michelle Ortiz

Michelle is a talented actress who’s work can be seen in all sorts of indie films and who participated in both the ABC and CBS Diversity showcases. Plus, she’s a classically trained opera singer and looks amazing when surrounded by all pink everything.

Adam Ray

Adam is a super talented stand up comedian who tours all over and has had roles in tons of different films, TV shows, and movies including both The Heat and Spy. He’s also going to be the voice of Slimer in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, so we’d say he’s having a pretty great summer.

Together we have no doubt that these fresh-faced comedy powerhouses will make an absolutely awesome ensemble. The show will debut July 26th at 9 pm. Don’t miss it!