Scarlet Meyer
Updated Jan 14, 2017 @ 10:25 am
Credit: MGM

In one of the cutest and most unexpected discoveries the internet has made to date, someone on Twitter noticed that sorority girls and meerkats kind of pose the same way for pictures. Now that they’ve brought it up, we totally can’t un-see it. It’s seriously hilarious! There was the world before we realized sorority girls and meerkats have the same go-to poses, and the world after. There is officially no going back.

We could explain this all day, but it is seriously so much better if we just show you:

This guy is seriously onto something.

Maybe it’s because sorority girls and meerkats both are generally pretty friendly and agreeable? Or maybe it’s because they both like snuggling with their friends? In addition, maybe it’s the earnest expressions up to the camera? Whatever this magic is, it cannot be explained, but it is seriously dead on.

Additionally, other users jumped right in with side-by-side photos:


The funniest thing about this is most of the users backing up this discovery were sorority sisters themselves. Their photos proved that this theory is so true. Furthermore, sorority girls are definitely in on the joke.

And of course, we can’t forget the frat boys.

Another Twitter user was quick to point out that this works for fraternity brothers too, especially if you use pictures of prairie dogs.

Consequently, all we can say is god bless the internet. It is truly a wonderful place where we learn new and wonderful things every day. They may not always be useful things, but they’re almost always hilarious.