Stephanie Hallett
May 08, 2019 8:21 am
Anna Buckley, HelloGiggles

We’ve all experienced stressful days at work (lol, understatement of the year). But what if there were a way to take a quick break from the stress and re-center yourself for the rest of your day? Allow us to suggest a little meditation at work. Just by watching an under-10-minute meditation video, you can go from screaming in the bathroom to zen at your keyboard.

More U.S. adults are meditating than ever before—the number jumped up threefold between 2012 and 2017, from 4.1% to 14.2%. And for good reason: Research has shown that regular meditation can not only reduce anxiety and depression, but also ease the effects of irritable bowel syndrome, lower blood pressure, and help stop insomnia. Plus, 10 minutes a day seems to be enough to see some of these positive effects. In short, meditation is a worthwhile practice.

If you’re nervous because you’ve never meditated before, don’t sweat it—these videos are as simple as pressing play and following some basic cues. So the next time you get a rage-inducing email or have to endure a three-hour meeting that achieves nothing, try an easy meditation video. Inner peace is just a click away.

1Breathe & Meditate with Faith Hunter

You may know her as Spiritually Fly on Instagram, or you may be a devotee of her podcast series. If you have just a minute or two to get centered this, we recommend bookmarking this video and taking a minute to breathe through Hunter’s guided meditation.

2Mindful Breathing Meditation

This mindful breathing meditation will help you focus in on your breath and the way it feels moving through your body. It’ll settle your wild thoughts and give you the space you need to de-stress.

3HG’s Millennial Meditations

For Mental Health Awareness Month, HelloGiggles launched a video series on IGTV called Millennial Meditations; each weekly installment tackles a stressful situation every millennial can relate to. In our first video, above, we help you get centered before asking for a raise. Inhale, exhale, slay.

45-Minute Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

This short meditation video will connect you to your body and bring you a deep sense of calm.

53-Minute Stress-Relieving Breathing Meditation

If you have just the tiniest amount of time (maybe you can only pop out for a quick bathroom break), bring your phone and your headphones with you and breathe through this three-minute video.

6A Meditation for Letting Go

If you’re angry about something and know you need to let it go, this might be the meditation video for you. In less than four minutes, you’ll breathe out some of that anger that’s holding you back.

7A 1-Minute Meditation for Stress Relief

In this super short video from everyone’s favorite meditation app, Headspace, you’ll be guided through some breath work that will help to soothe your frayed nerves.