Texas mom Roni Dean-Burren was incredibly disturbed when her son showed her a page from his “World Geography” textbook that contained a serious historical inaccuracy. In the McGraw-Hill textbook’s section “Patterns of Immigration,” the book referred to the history of the African slave trade as a form of immigration and referred to the slaves themselves as “workers.” As ABC 7 reports, Dean-Burren was so unsettled by the fact that the horrific practice of slavery was being referred to as “immigration,” that she posted a video online voicing her grave concerns.

In the video, she starts by showing the pages of academics and PhDs who approved the contents of the textbook, which only makes what’s to follow even more worrisome. Then, Dean-Burren proceeded to read from the textbook.

“One of the defining attributes of the United States is that it is largely a country of immigrants and their descendants,” Dean-Burren read.

“Immigrants, yeah, that word matters,” Dean-Burren pointed out. She then read from the portion of the text that described how those of African descent came to the United States in centuries past.

‘The Atlantic slave trade between the 1500s and the 1800s brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations,” Dean Burren reads, and then points out that, according to the textbook, McGraw-Hill is making the claim that slavery is “…now considered ‘immigration.'”

She jumps to another section that talks about European immigrants who came to America at the same time to “work as indentured servants for little or no pay,” and points out that the textbook makes this point about European immigrants, “…but there is no mention of Africans working as slaves or being slaves. It just says we were ‘workers.'”

This was an inexcusable mistake, and that said, fortunately when McGraw-Hill caught wind of the video, they immediately released a statement on their Facebook page attempting to make amends, promising to immediately make a correction to the digital version of the textbook and assuring the public that the correction will be implemented in the next print run of this book. Here’s their apology in full: